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Joe Bindloss

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Travel Writer | Copywriter | Journalist | Commissioning Editor

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Joe writes for a variety of publishers, newspapers and magazines, including Lonely Planet, the Guardian, the Independent, the Telegraph and Time Out.

He is often available for journalism and copy-writing projects when he isn't working on book assignments.

If you are an editor or publisher looking to commission work, please contact Joe using the email form on the Contact page.

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Here are some of the writing projects Joe has worked on recently:

  Recent Articles
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Madagascar 10th Edition (pending)
Nepal 12th Edition (2023)
England 12th Edition (2023)
Great Britain 15th Edition (2023)
England 11th Edition (2021)
Great Britain 14th Edition (2021)
Sri Lanka 15th Edition (2021)
Southeast Asia 20th Edition (Malaysia, Brunei)
Bhutan 7th Edition (2020)
India 18th Edition (2019)
Maldives 10th Edition (curator, 2018)
Cyprus 7th Edition (curator, 2018)
Southeast Asia on a Shoestring 19th Edition (2018)
Discover Thailand (2016)
Thailand 16th Edition(2016)
Discover India 1st Edition (2013)
India 16th Edition (2013)
England 6th Edition(2011)

- commissioning editor(2010-2019)

London Encounter 2nd Edition(2009)
Northeast India 2nd Edition (2009)
Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya (2009)
Nepal 8th Edition (2009)
Myanmar 10th Edition (2009)
Kuala Lumpur, Melaka & Penang 1st Edition (2008)
Northeast India 1st Edition (2007)
India 12th Edition (2007)
Mediterranean Europe 8th Edition (2007)
Europe on a Shoestring 5th Edition (2007)
Citiescape Bangkok (2006)
Citiescape Mumbai(2006)
Citiescape Kathmandu (2006)
Nepal 7th Edition (2006)
Best of Mumbai 1st Edition (2006)
India 11th Edition (2005)
Mediterranean Europe 7th Edition (2005)
Europe on a Shoestring 4th Edition (2005)
Iceland 5th Edition (2004)
Thailand's Beaches & Islands 4th Edition (2004)
India 10th Edition (2003)
Kenya 4th Edition (2003)
Scottish Highlands & Islands 1st Edition (2002)
Queensland 3rd Edition (2002)
Australia 11th Edition (2002)
London Out to Eat 2002 (2001)
North India 1st Edition (2001)
India 9th Edition (2001)
Australia 10th Edition (2000)

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London 17th Edition (2009)
London for Children 8th Edition (2008)
London for Londoners 2nd Edition (2008)
London 16th Edition (2008)
London Eating & Drinking (2008)
London for Children 7th Edition (2007)
London 15th Edition (2007)
London Eating & Drinking (2007)
London for Children 6th Edition (2006)
London for Londoners 1st Edition (2006)
London 14th Edition (2006)
Eating & Drinking (2006)
European Breaks (2005)
London 13th Edition (2005)

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Best in Travel (multiple editions)
Travel Book (multiple editions)
Cities Book (multiple editions)
Travel Atlas (multiple editions)
Gourmet Food Trails Europe (pending)
Armchair Explorer (2021)
Trip Builder (2021)
Best Things in Life are Free (2021)
The Digital Nomad Handbook (2020)
Sustainable Escapes (2020)
Amazing River Journeys (2019)
Epic Runs of the World (2019)
Epic Hikes of the World (2018)
Amazing Train Journeys (2018)
PhotoCity London (2018)
Secret Marvels of the World (2017)
Global Beer Tour (2017)
World's Best Superfoods (2017)
National Parks of Europe (2017)
Culture Trails(2017)
World’s Best Spicy Food (2017)
Food Trails (2016)
World’s Best Brunches (2015)
Ultimate UK Travelist (2015)
Great Escapes(2015)
World’s Best Street Food (2012)
Foodlover's Guide to the World (2012)
The Gap Year Book 2nd Edition (2005)
The Career Break Book 1st Edition (2004)
The Gap Year Book 1st Edition (2003)

Clear views to Taktshang Goemba

Newspaper & Magazine Journalism 
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The Guardian
The Independent
The Telegraph 
The Times 
Dagens Nyheter 
Real Travel 

Copywriting & Instructional Design 
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Marshall E-Learning Consultancy
Lonely Planet Media & Communications
Culture Trip
The Content Works
World Travel Guide
10 Best

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